1/22/2021 Junior High Devotional

Devotional 6 

I’ve been thinking about the song cornerstone lately. If you haven’t heard it, I invite you to listen to it! It’s quite good and catchy. 

I’ve grown up listening to this song but in all honesty I haven’t fully understood what it means. I mean, when was the last time you talked about cornerstones in your day to day life? (If you’re a house builder, doesn’t count ok). The concept of a cornerstone is not something that all of us fully understand. I mean we get the idea of it. A cornerstone is part of a foundation, but why is it so important? Why is it such a big deal for a foundation to have a cornerstone? Is it even actually in the corner? (The biggest question for me to be honest).

So many questions. So little time. 

Well, the good thing is all these questions are very answerable! A cornerstone is the first brick laid in a foundation. The reason a cornerstone is important is because everything that is built after it is built in reference to the cornerstone. It’s the first step in the blueprint. Every measurement, every wall, and every pillar is built in reference to the cornerstone.

And yes, it really is in the cornerstone. 

Scripture speaks of Jesus being our cornerstone. Putting two and two together, Jesus is meant to be what we build our lives around. The first part of our foundation must be Jesus. Everything we build, everything we do, and everything we say must be built around Jesus. 

Now, here’s the dilemma. My life has often had the wrong cornerstone. In fact, I have had multiple cornerstones. Fun has been my cornerstone. A relationship has been my cornerstone. My grades have been my cornerstone. Chick-Fil-A has even been my cornerstone in my life (the only cornerstone that gets close to Jesus. JK). Although as a result, when I’ve built my life around these things I’ve found my life to feel unfulfilled. It’s always felt like something was missing.

For example, growing up I dreamed of playing video games for an entire day. My parents never let me play all day, so I would dream of the day when I would be in an adult and finally do so. Recently, my dream came true. I now live in my own house and can decide to do what I want with my own time. So I decided to play video games ALL DAY. And let me tell you, in the moment, it was everything I dreamed of. I played Rainbow Six, War Zone, Final Fantasy, FIFA, and Batman. I spent a day exploring the world of these games. Although it was fun in the moment, at the end of the day I felt tired. My brain hurt. My mind was racing and firing at 100 miles per hour. I found myself feeling anxiety rather than peace. 

What I realized that day was that my heart didn’t truly long for video games. It longed for something better. Something more fulfilling. 

My heart longed for Jesus. 

I’ve found that when I’ve made Jesus my cornerstone, my life has felt fulfilled and rested. I’ve found the peace and rest that my heart craves in Jesus. 

Today I invite you to make Jesus your cornerstone. When we build our lives around Jesus we begin to access the true joy that Jesus designed us for.

Author: Andy Palomares, Youth Pastor at Crosswalk SDA Church

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