Lovewell: A Theology - Day 28

Day 28

Small Group Guide

Week 4 of 8      
James 1:27; Matthew 19:21; Matthew 25:40; Mark 12:40; Luke 12:33; Romans 12:20

The following is a guide to help facilitate discussion. Feel free to add or subtract or change questions to fit the conversation, and pray for the Spirit to lead in all things.

Have you ever spent time in a different country or done any missionary work? Share a story from that time/experience.

Read James 1:27; Matthew 19:21; Matthew 25:40; Mark 12:40; Luke 12:33; Romans 12:20 together and share any wisdom, insights, or questions in response to the reading.

What do you think about this statement from James 1:27, “Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.”? Is this  easy or difficult to do?

In Matthew 19:21 we get to consider once again the struggle with earthly treasure. Why is it so difficult for the rich to enter the kingdom of heaven? Why is Jesus so tough on riches?

Jesus gives a stark warning against religious leaders who are all about “the show” in Mark 12:38-40. If you were a religious leader at that time, how do you think you would have felt to hear this? Is this still a problem today?

In Luke 12:22-34, Jesus talks about priorities. He says we should not worry, but rather seek first His kingdom. Then he says we should reframe our financial lives and sell everything we have so that we build heavenly wealth. What do you think this teaching meant for the people in that time? What does it mean for our lives today? How would life be different if we lived out and followed this invitation from Jesus here and now?

The passage in Matthew 25 has a tendency to tug on our heart strings and shake us up. If Jesus came today and asked you how you have looked after Him by caring for others…how would you respond?

How do people use religion to make themselves look good? Have you ever been tempted to do something similar?

In Romans 12:20, we are challenged to consider how we respond and react to “enemies.” Maybe you don’t have enemies per se, but maybe we should consider these words in the context of outsiders. How does love require/invite us to respond to those who are different from us?

What has God asked you to give up in order to follow Him? Has that request been fulfilled or is it still a work in progress? How can this group pray for you and/or help keep you accountable to this calling?

What is one thing this group could do to help someone in need? Is there a project or a person that comes to mind? What could God be inviting your small group to do for Him and His kingdom?

“Whatever you have done for the least of these…You have done for me.”
Matthew 25:40

By Mike Rhynus

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