Sharing the Vision and Philosophy of Crosswalk beyond our Walls

What is Mission Expansion?

Crosswalk Seventh-day Adventist Church (Crosswalk Church) in Redlands, CA accepts its calling to not only make disciples of Jesus in its own community, but around the world through supporting local church plant communities. While there is no perfect model for a church, the brand and mission of Crosswalk Church resonates with many and can be a very helpful formula for a group of believers who want to build a local community that is focused on creating a church community aligned with the five end statements of Crosswalk Church:
1. Crosswalk will be a community of belonging.
2. Crosswalk will be a community where people learn and grow in an authentic relationship with God. 
3. Crosswalk will be relevant in living out the ways of Jesus in our place and time.
4. Crosswalk will be a community that lives beyond herself by caring and advocating for the powerless, oppressed and abandoned. 
5. Crosswalk will be a community that exemplifies servant leadership.


These end-statements are the lens by which decisions are made at any campus or iteration of Crosswalk Church. The banner that summarizes all five of these end-statements is lovewell -- how we love God, those around us, and the greater community.

As a Seventh-day Adventist church, we seek to express the presence, image, and character of God through our community work, our worship, our beliefs, and our organizational end statements. These statements reveal what the Crosswalk Community will look like as she more faithfully answers her mission to lovewell.  

Three Stages of CRSWLK Mission Expansion

Crosswalk Church is prepared to help facilitate the planting of local church communities that find value in this model. There are three levels of mission expansion categories in which these churches may find their shape and identity.


This is where it all begins!  A group of individuals who feel called to study the Crosswalk teaching together, either in person or online.  These groups follow along with the Crosswalk sermon series, study guides, and other resources as a source of inspiration and discussion.  They are usually led by 1-2 individuals, and may meet any time of week. Connect groups who are growing steadily and have met consistently for at least a year may consider to moving to Stage 2.


A Lovewell Community is just what it sounds like — a  consistent and growing gathering of people who come together for worship in a home or small common space to be a part of a community that is learning to #lovewell. These community groups are organized and led by a small leadership team, and gather weekly on Saturdays to watch the service, worship together, and commune with one another.


Once a Lovewell Community has gained significant traction and growth within their regional area, it may be time to start the conversation of moving towards becoming a CRSWLK Campus. This is a big step and requires a committed Leadership Team and financial resources, as well as the cooperation and support of the local Seventh-Day Adventist conference. Consultation and guidance will be provided to a group of individuals who feel called to use the Crosswalk teaching, branding, and culture to plant a church community.