JESUS AND THE MINOR PROPHETS | The Christophany Series - Week 9

Jun 25, 2022    Tim Gillespie

Since the fall of man, we begin to see the desire for salvation, for reconciliation, and for forgiveness that can only come in its entirety through the work of Jesus on the cross. The Old Testament shows us our need for Jesus. It does this by setting us in front of a mirror, or the law of God, which point out our unrighteousness. The apostle Paul wrote, "through the law comes knowledge of sin" (Romans 3:20). These scriptures speak with one voice, even though at times it feels as if they are bifurcated in their understanding of God. They are not, rather, they are speaking to different people at different times with different revelations about Jesus. While the Old Testament speaks of a God that has not yet arrived, the New Testament speaks of the full revelation of God that we experience through Jesus. However, it is only in the totality of scripture we can best understand who Jesus is and the context to which he came.