Lovewell: A Theology - Day 8

Day 8
Mark 10:21
21 Looking at the man, Jesus felt genuine love for him. “There is still one thing you haven’t done,” he told him. “Go and sell all your possessions and give the money to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me.

End Statement #2
“Crosswalk will be a community where people learn and grow in an authentic relationship with God.”

Jesus made disciples. I don’t think he did it on purpose, rather, I think disciples sort of sprung up around him. The word in English for a disciple is “learner.” And I think there was this way that Jesus seemed to make people want to learn more about him, and therefore learn more about God. Becoming a disciple of Jesus was not much more than being interested in what he was saying and trying to figure out how to get more information and more proximity to the one who was saying these amazing things. 

But the thing that I think I love best about Jesus was and is his ability to make authentic relationships to those around him. It is probably little wonder, in that he had insights that were certainly beyond their understanding. But more than that, he seemed to get right to the heart of what was going on in each of their hearts. In this interchange, it was clear that the man was holding onto something that he needed to let go. 

We all have that friend who knows us so well they can call us on our foolishness when we are trying to avoid the real problem. The one who listens to us and then reminds us of what is really true about us. We love and hate that friend so much, because we need them, and more than anything, we need the authenticity they offer our lives. 

Jesus seemed to be that kind of person to everyone he met. He was able to get to the core of what they were feeling and thinking and made sure that they understood what was authentic in their lives. Their real problems, the real things that were holding them back, or the truth of what they were really feeling about themselves and their situations. He must have been infuriating. 

But he always led with the authentic. 

How can we become people who are willing to have an authentic relationship with God and with others around us? How can we begin or continue to live the authentic truth of our lives?

I have never had a problem with someone having a real conversation with God. I know some people are uncomfortable with pushing back on God, with being frustrated and even angry at God at times. I’ve been okay with it because I figure that God knows what I am feeling, what I am going through, and how to fix it either way. So nothing I say will surprise or confuse God in any way. In fact, I think what we see from the Psalms is a God who is actually expecting us to have a seriously authentic relationship with Him. 

  1. Have you ever been angry at God? 
  2. Do you think it is appropriate to express that anger? 
  3. How can we be angry at a God who loves us so much? 
  4. What do you think an authentic relationship with God looks like?
  5. What is the most authentic relationship that you have in your life right now? 
  6. What do you love about it? 
  7. How can you replicate that more often?
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Papa CRSWLK - January 8th, 2023 at 8:13am

Having a challenging time getting past “all” in Mark 10:21. Your comment that there was something he needed to let go of makes sense, but why then did Jesus say “all”

Christian C - January 8th, 2023 at 8:27am

Papa Crswlk - what about the “all” is hard for you in particular. The reason I ask is because I sense a hang up for myself there too sometimes. I appreciate you sharing because you’re not alone. I think in the moments when we are stuck can lead us to curiosity about oneself and find something out about ourselves. However, I’m curious to know more about this wealthy man in the text - but we don’t know too much - just that he was wealthy. What had he done with his wealth up until this point, how was he living, what was the dynamic? There’s a lot to ponder and you’ve made me think - “what is my ALL” in this season of life? Or What is my “hang up” keeping me from Jesus.

Christian C - January 8th, 2023 at 9:01am

And… maybe it is supposed to be just that - audacious elimination and we are to lean in???? Idk.

David Hunte - January 8th, 2023 at 8:15am

I don't remember actually being angry at God. But I do believe that you could share your feelings with God, which can include anger. Absolutely. Moses took God to task when he wanted to make a new nation with Moses. Maybe it wasn't in anger, per se, but he was able to express himself to God because he was in an authentic relationship with God. That's my 0.02¢.

Doyle - January 8th, 2023 at 10:58am

Whether it was from the religious leaders of His day trying to trap Him or if it’s our anger or misunderstandings He is able to handle it all.

Cast your cares upon Him, for He cares for you. 1Pet5:7

Kris J - January 9th, 2023 at 10:33am

Have I been angry with God? Yes. Is it appropriate to express that anger to God. I hope so. 🤞 however, there's beauty in knowing that deep down, past the anger, there's still trust and hope . The anger will pass and we can pick up our relationship with God where we left off. That's part of the unfailing trust developed over time, somehow knowing the good intentions and love God has will benefit us.

Steve M - January 13th, 2023 at 8:23am

“He must have been infuriating.” He meaning Jesus (I am concluding) that you are saying is correct. As I read through your paragraphs my mind went to Luke 6:20 paraphrasing it said that you’re blessed when you’re poor, hungry, when you weep and are hated and insulted and rejected because you rejoice in that day and you were to leap for Joy because great is your reward in heaven. Then he did the opposite. He said “ whoa to you who are rich and wealthy, fed and laugh, and people speak well of you for that is how they treated the false prophets. I guess that was quite irritating to the false prophets back then that’s probably one of the reasons why they crucified him because he stepped on their toes. I just have to thank Jesus for being authentic with me, telling me his true heart, and what great danger I am in. I like with Steps To Christ says “ Our great need pleads most eloquently in our behalf.” I guess we need to fill our need before we come to Christ. Jesus did a good job in Luke because I am rich like 90% of the people in United States have a roof over my head. I never go hungry, I’m laughing and have a good time, people speak well of me most of the Time. According to this text I’m in great need praise God thank you Jesus. I’m just thankful that he is the author and finisher of my faith, and I humbly come before him this morning with my great need. Lord have mercy upon me, for I am in great need.