Lovewell: A Theology - Day 29

Day 29
Proverbs 21:3
The Lord is more pleased when we do what is right and just than when we offer him sacrifices.

End Statement #5: Crosswalk will be a community that exemplifies servant

This week, I want to do something a little different. Since servant leadership is the key to this End Statement, I want to talk about 6 qualities of a servant leader. So we will begin by talking about one quality that every servant leader should have: Integrity.

I love that definition that says having integrity is being in a state of wholeness, and undivided. This is perhaps the best definition that one can find when it comes to this concept. Someone with integrity is someone who understands the concept of not being divided in their actions, their thoughts, their values, and their understanding. They don’t know everything, but what they do understand is their place in the world and how to act in it.

There are a few values of someone who has integrity.

  1. They are interested in doing what is right before they are interested in doing what is expedient. They would rather do the hard right thing than do the easy and wrong thing. This character trait is important when we say we are believers in a God who values doing the right thing for the right reasons. Our ends don’t justify our actions if the actions are wrong. 
  2. They are authentic. They try to lead using their most authentic form. They don’t lie, they aren’t fake. This means they are not always the easiest people to be around. They may tell the truth when the truth is not popular, but they will always stand behind their words, for they have thought about them. 
  3. They give people the benefit of the doubt. They will seek to find what is best in people, not assume the worst. They are sometimes disappointed, but not in themselves and their desire to see other people with integrity as well. 
  4. They express gratitude for others because they truly are grateful for the work others do with them and for them. They see the other people around them for their value and addition to the mission and vision. 
  5. They know how to take responsibility for their actions and their outcomes. They are not the kind of people who take credit for wins and blame others for losses. 
  6. They let their yes be yes and their no be no. They don’t make things better than they seem, they don’t boast. They make sure that they are being responsible for what they say yes to, and they make sure they are present when things fail as well. They have a strength of character that allows for this kind of thinking and acting. 
  7. They understand the mission is not about them, and so they understand their role in it. This is a hard thing sometimes. But they are willing to give deference to the mission when someone else has a good idea. 
 To be someone of integrity, to be a leader with integrity means that we try to integrate these ideas and characteristics into our lives day in and day out. And a person of integrity understands that God is interested in not just in right outcomes, but in right action to achieve those outcomes. This is what it means to be a servant leader with integrity.

  1. Do you know someone with impeccable integrity?
  2. Do you admire them? 
  3. Is it you? Can and do others say this about you? 
  4. How can you make sure you are moving toward integrating integrity into your life and your leadership in ministry? 
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