Campus Week


We hope you enjoyed the first season of the Uncomfortable series. We'll be returning with season two later in the year. In the meantime, we'll be focusing on campus week this Saturday in preparation for our upcoming series "After", where we'll spend five weeks on the 40 days after the resurrection leading up to the ascension of Christ.



We are grateful for the life and ministry of Bill Johnsson. May he rest in peace and power.

No doubt you have seen many posts on the subject, but for us here at Crosswalk Church, we didn’t know him as the editor of the review, or a man of many accolades throughout his very accomplished life. What we knew of Bill and his wonderful wife Noelene is the smile they had on their faces each week as they worshiped with passion, the kindness they showed our congregation, the hope they gave us for keeping ourselves young as we age, and the deep and abiding love they have for this community.

We were blessed to have him as a centerpiece of our Lovewell: A Theology series in January. Take the time to watch this interview. We will be forever grateful for Bill’s ministry, his love, and his support of Crosswalk.

We can’t wait until that great resurrection morning!

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