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It’s the end of October and I’ve just started writing this series guide.  It’s a Christmas series, so naturally, to get myself in the mood, I listened to my first Christmas album.  For some of you, you just rolled your eyes in disgust at the very thought of introducing Christmas to our lives before Thanksgiving.  Others of you, one person in particular, just told me they started listening to Christmas music in September (they may need counseling). Whatever camp you’re in, one thing is undeniable, whether you celebrate it early or not, Christmas comes for us all.

This year at Crosswalk, we’ve chosen to reflect on the Christmas story as an Adventure.  The word Adventure can describe a significant undertaking, a remarkable experience, and exciting activity, a time of exploring unknown territory, but inherit with any use of the word Adventure is the idea of risk.  No risk, no adventure.

I live in the beautiful, Pacific Northwest, where Adventure is our middle name.  We’ve got mountains to ski down and climb up; rivers to raft, kayak, and parasail; trails to hike; oceans to explore; and some of the most bizarre and unique cities in the world to enjoy.  

But you don’t have to live in the Pacific Northwest to go on an adventure. Every day offers us some kind of adventure or another.  Navigating the freeway can often be a risky adventure.  Sitting down to do bills can be an adventure, whether it’s good or bad probably depends on your bank account.  Reconnecting with an old friend, caring for your grandkids, moving to a new state, prepping for finals, trying that new Thai place in town, all of these are adventures, though assuredly some are more risky than others.

As we look back on the Christmas story unfolding in the gospels as foretold in the prophecies, we can easily see how jam packed the story is with adventure, risk. The characters include angels and shepherds, heroes like Jospeh and villains like Herod, wise men from the east following a star, a very pregnant and young Mary trying to survive atop a donkey for four days (can not imagine the discomfort), and even an order to find a kill the Christ child that led to a last minute trip to Egypt.

The story of the Advent, or the coming of Christ into the world, is an incredible story of Adventure,  but how does the Adventure continue for us today?

The late pastor/theologian, Timothy Keller, once said, “Christmas, like God himself, is both more wondrous and more threatening than we imagine.” It’s wondrous because it tells the tale of a God who took on flesh to prove His love for us, and save His people from their sins.  And it’s threatening because it challenges us to love and serve others the way He loves and serves us.  You see, Jesus was God in the flesh (the incarnation), and as His body, we are now Jesus in the flesh to the world around us (a new incarnation, or new humanity). We desire to live with Christ in us, the hope of glory. (Colossians 1: 27)

So Crosswalk, are you ready for what promises to be a great Adventure, where every moment matters and all we can do is hang onto Jesus for dear life?
I hope so.  So get ready for the life-giving, risk-taking, world-changing Adventure found in the story of a God who became human, so that humans could be filled with His Spirit, share His love to the world, and ultimately be reunited with our God.

Thanks so much for joining in the fun!

Pastor Paddy and the Series Guide Writing Team

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