The Invitation - End of Week 2


The following is a guide to help facilitate discussion between you and the person you’re studying with or with your Connect Group. Feel free to add, subtract, or change questions to fit the conversation, and pray for the Spirit to lead in all things.

If you celebrated Easter growing up, did you or your family ever do anything special?  If so, what?  If not, share a question you have often wondered about involving the events of The Passion Week (the last week of Christ) or even the practices surrounding Easter.

  1. Read Luke 19:28-40 together and share any wisdom, insights, or thoughts that come to you from the reading.
  2. The disciples likely knew the Messianic prophecies about a king riding a donkey into Jerusalem.  What do you think this moment was like for them?  What would have been going through their heads?
  3. Jesus knew the Pharisees had been waiting for him to be this obvious about who he was so they could kill him.  Aside from the obvious, what do you think was going through His head?
  4. Knowing there would have been lots of Roman soldiers in town to keep the Jews under control, what do you think they thought about this Jewish display and the shouts for a king?  Do you think they noticed or cared?
  5. Read Luke 19:41-44 together and share any wisdom, insights, or thoughts that come to you from the reading.
  6. Talk about the heart of Jesus that we see as he weeps over Jerusalem.  Remember, he’s crying over the ones that will kill him as much as the ones that will abandon him.  How did he try to avoid this moment of weeping?
  7. Read Luke 19:45-48 together and share any wisdom, insights, or thoughts that come to you from the reading.
  8. Imagine being a leper who was never allowed into the temple or a Gentile who was never able to pray in peace.  What would it have been like that first time you entered or that first time you could hear yourself pray?  What feelings would you have towards the One who made it possible?

  1. These two events mark the beginning of The Passion week; Jesus is King, and Jesus has the authority to remove the barriers in our lives.  What do you think each of these events has to say about the kind of king and the kind of God Jesus is?
  2. Has there been anyone you wept over because you desperately wanted them to know how much they mean to God?  If not, is there anyone in that vein he has recently put on your heart?
  3. Has there been a barrier between you and God in the past or present?  If you’re willing to share with others, what was or is that barrier, and is it something you can let God take away for you?

With another person or by yourself, take a moment to write out what you feel is coming between you and Jesus.  Maybe those things are sins you’re struggling with; perhaps they involve unbelief, maybe they involve a season in your life right now, whatever it is, right them all out.  Then, in a time of prayer, lay those at the feet of Jesus.  If you need to, tear them up or maybe even burn them (in a fireplace or somewhere safe).

“But if we confess our sins to him, he is faithful and just to forgive and cleanse us from all wickedness.”
1 John 1:9 NLT

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