Week 1 | Elemental (S2)

Aug 5, 2023    Tim Gillespie

In Elemental, Season 1, we introduced a challenging idea—that it’s appropriate to inspect our faith. It’s ok to note inconsistencies, conflicts, and even ideas that don’t seem useful, unearth difficult questions, and admit to confusion and doubt. We call this uncomfortable examination deconstruction, where questions are a typical, even essential, ingredient in belief and spirituality. Is it possible that faith and doubt are not enemies—that one doesn’t destroy the other? Maybe doubt is an inevitable part of this broken world to which faith is God’s answer. Of course, our goal isn’t to wallow in a deconstructed graveyard of yesterday’s thinking. Rather, God would have us take things apart so that He can help us put them back together again. So with this, we launch Elemental, Season 2, a time of reconstruction. We’ll walk together through the rubble of our deconstruction and sift out the most elemental building blocks of our faith.