Exactly two decades ago, a handful of young adults and several young families got together and dreamed of what church could be. They decided that they were interested in creating something new -- a new philosophy of church. They went about the hard work of setting up new opportunities for their kids and future generations to worship, engage their community, and show the world what a church can be with a bit of intention, excellence, and an innovative mindset. They created a community of belonging.


Twenty years later, we are living their legacy, and expanding upon it. Daily, we receive emails, texts, and phone calls from people who are moved to action by what they see and hear coming out of the Redlands Campus of Crosswalk Church.

Here is what is incredible: It is not the vision or the mission of the Crosswalk Redlands that needs to be considered. In this, we are solid and creating the momentum that we see every single day. This is the stuff Pastor’s dream of when they think about pastoring a vibrant and thriving church.


Movements originate from somewhere. And this movement originated from the Redlands Campus: these seats, these buildings, and this ethos of the church. This movement originated from you.

So it is not the mission and the vision that needs a lift. Rather, it is time to move to the next level with our facilities and equipment.  

Our needs are changing,  so our facilities must change. We need to make sure this 20-year-old church is in the kind of shape that it needs to take us into the next 20 years of ministry to our local community and our greater Crosswalk Community.


Building 1

Youth, Young Adults, Outreach

  • New Building. This new space provides a large space to serve our underserved population with food and healthcare.  As well,  it gives us a multi-function area for youth, future-of ministries, Spanish ministries, and the church body at large. 
  • Flooring refinishing
  • Paint and cosmetic upgrades.
  • Bathroom Upgrade  
  • Newly-installed HVAC System
  • Commercial kitchen to aid our Thursday night community partner dinners. In addition, this will allow for whole-church social events to happen in a large space.

Building 2

Worship and Media Ministry

  • Upgrades to lobby and cafe.  We serve more than 900 drinks every weekend, a significant part of our hospitality ethos at Crosswalk.
  • New carpet in the worship center
  • Audio System. Our failing systems require us to invest significantly in these areas, making this the heaviest lift.
  • Stamped and Stained Concrete  between Buildings 2 and 3 to give space for socializing before and after services. 
  • Shade sails and outdoor furniture to allow for coffee service and events to take place in comfort.

Building 3

Kids and Family Ministry

  • Upgraded Flooring. (Epoxy throughout the hallway and kids’ worship center)
  • Classroom Upgrades. We have to keep these rooms fun and functional, and above all, safe. 
  • Expansion of the kids check area, allowing for a more efficient and effective area to drop off and pick up our kids. 
  • Security Cameras: We have also expanded our cameras so there are no areas that are dead zones or that are hidden from view.

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